Tickets are $7 per adult and for children 12 and under are FREE.

The Swap Meet People. Paragons promotion is the home of big sell out swap meets and motorcycle shows in Michigan, Indiana and Illinois. We have vendors from all over, selling new and used motorcycle parts, bikes, unbelievable deals on Motorcycle Leather Apparel, novelties and a lot more. Food and beer are always there. At some of our events, we bring Motorcycle Rodeo Games and Bike and Car shows with trophy awards. Founded in 2001, Paragons Promotion and its staff has worked hard and earned the name that’s trusted by vendors and visitors alike.

Tickets are $7 per adult and for children 12 and under are FREE.

Buy-Sell-Trade, Bikes, Parts Leather, Food, Beer,

Hastings motorcycles wapmeet Provides you to buy Buy ,Sell bikes with other bikers you can also enjoy food ,beer and much more also can buy leather goods like saddle bags in usa and much more All events are loaded with attractions for people from all walks of life and specially for bikers, and have become a big hit with motorcycle riders and the general public

Buy-Sell-Trade, Bikes, Parts Leather, Food, Beer,


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